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Eat Me! Characterization.


So what’s the first step to bringing a character to life? And this will effect not only how you write the character but how you draw them as well. You need to stay consistent with how the character is written and how they are illustrated. A great little tool is to go out and buy yourself a sketchbook or journal or one that is both and start a CHARACTER JOURNAL. Take this journal with you and start jotting or sketching your character in different situations.

The witches house in LA

When we first ventured Down The Rabbit Hole we exposed our characters to many different experiences that involved all the senses and we journaled these adventures. For instance, how did our characters react and feel when they saw the witches house in Beverley Hills. Some were scared, some were curious – others were the witch herself!

A journal is the first step to opening the door to our imagination and breathing life into our character….so what are you waiting for? Go buy one!

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